Between to decades – a dream coming true


This is the beginning of a new decade.
Earlier this year I applied for a scholarship to study in Thailand for one year. Against all my thoughts and hopes, I got invited to the interview and then I even got accepted. Unexpectedly. I got it. Then I applied for an University to study, and here we are. I got my acceptance letter. I will study in Thailand, I will become one of those student I was looking up when I was a child. For so long I wanted to become one of them, so I am not the foreign girl anymore. I wanted to be able to speak Thai, i wanted to be part of my moms culture, just to understand this part of me. Seriously, this is a dream coming true. This is my dream. And i still don’t really get it. How come I was so damn lucky?
I just booked my ticket.
I will fly there on new year’s eve.
I will be literally flying into a new year. Into a new decade.
And I am looking forward to it.
Even though i will be sad to leave some things behind. <3 

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