A few moments of my life before I moved to Thailand

Today I got back the first film roll I finished here in Thailand. Shockingly I realized that I have barely taken any images in the past months, as I found quite some images that I have taken back home in Germany on that single film roll. Even though I am sad to realize that I have not taken any time to do a thing I love, it is a good example to understand why I love analogue photography so much. The moment you see the developed images, is like going back to the past and discover treasure moments of your life you already have forgotten about.

It is bare, a true moment, unedited and so real. So real. A beautiful perfection. Even if it’s not perfect.


A spontaneous Sunday afternoon at Paul’s.





This is my home town Stuttgart, the beautiful city where I was born in and have spent most of my time last year. It is sad to leave a place and its people you have just begun to love. I have to admit, I miss it a lot to be there.






Ravens in Dresden, December 2015.



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