nonconforming byproducts

Nonconforming byproducts. Images with mistakes that are incorrect, faulty and out of range.

Shooting analogue usually has byproducts like these. Pictures with broken colors and memories cut at the wrong place. Under exposures, over exposures, and some with just strange looks. When I put pictures together for a post, I usually try to make series. I look for similarities in composition, color, story or simply with the shown object. These are just some simple rules that make a series work together, helping to build the framework for the story to be told.

But sometimes this means to leave out other images, because they look odd, or they basically have a little mistake. They would disturb the flow of the series or would make a cut in the story. Therefore every once in a while I would leave images out, even though I actually like them a lot.

I don’t know if it’s only me, but I adore these mistakes. Even though I know they don’t show the image I have seen when I pressed the trigger. But I can’t help myself. I love the odd colors, the object which is not in focus, the missing parts of these pictures, the mysterious light in that under exposed image. Memories I don’t remember. Parts I can’t fill in anymore. And colors which have never been this bright. For some reason, these images give me more excitement then the actual „good“ ones. There is so much so discover in there, it is almost like a little treasure hunt. And I finally decided to release some of them. I guess I just really like some of them.






















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