like running in a dream

A few weeks ago I had the chance to visit Koh Tao with some good friends from my University in Bangkok. It was the last trip all together as the first semester now has ended. We arrived Saturday in the afternoon, after a 12 hour bus and boat travel from Bangkok to get there. As not much was planned we quickly decided to join „Sunday Funday“ the next day – a day on a boat with music, snorkeling, drinking, flirting, laughing, food and floating around on the water. Everyone was having a great time and it was an amazing day, I made a lot of good friends and even learned how to do a backflip. Like in a fantasy I remember the burning sun on my skin, the warm wind softly passing my skin and the jump of the deck of the into the clear water.


Hold the breath.



I feel the blue around me.

I hear absolute silence.

I see millions of lively creatures.


I see my friends in a little distance.


And I dive.

The deeper, the better.

It’s more silent there.

And more surreal.

Like a dream.









The longer I stayed there, the more I realised I was like running in a dream.

I like that.

But as soon as it gets dark, the dream will turn into my nightmare.

Otherwise I would stay there forever.

shot on 35mm film, ilford pan iso400 & my plastic camera.


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